A Foundational Guide to Effective Performance Practice for Musicians 

This guide is the result of my 35 years experience as a professional concert violinist and working as a developmental coach with musicians globally for the last 10+ years. 

This material has been further tested and tweaked during the past 5 years with the programs and courses I have given in different Conservatories and University of the Arts in the Netherlands and in Switzerland.

So many of my former students and clients have been asking me for a written guide to be reminded of the work we did together. That time has arrived!

Here is a concise and clear guide to help you reconnect with your natural musicianship, building the foundation to free expression and ease on stage.

There are 3 key areas pivotal to well being and resilience on stage and essential for optimal performance: 

Awareness Creative Thinking Embodied Performance 

This guide will serve and inspire musicians like you to keep your motivation high in these challenging times. For this reason I made sure it has a great value for money and can be in itself a motivational project: a constructive way to use this ‘gifted’ time by zooming and checking in on your development on behalf of future performances, auditions or competitions.

Sounds good?

I look forward to connecting with you and hearing all about your experience with this guide and the suggested practices.

I am happy to answer any questions or listen to feedback you might like to share. 

Hoping to see you soon.

With love, 


PS: If we never worked together, this is a great opportunity to taste my approach to working with musicians, who knows, maybe we are a good match? Look forward to meeting you!

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