CD Luigi Nono La Lontananza Nostalgica Utopica Futura

The focus is on the violin, played by Tiziana Pintus. With full and clear sound she interacts with soprano, clarinet and electronics. Each gesture is planned down to the last detail…

Neue Zeitschrift für Musik, Leipzig (Germany)· Raphael Smarzoch

The Netherlands

CD Luigi Nono La Lontananza Nostalgica Utopica Futura

High level performance… (The Netherlands) · Aart van der Wal

CD Luigi Nono La Lontananza Nostalgica Utopica Futura

Tiziana Pintus plays this music with conviction and insight. With the necessary fantasy, she makes listening to this music a very alive and vibrant experience.

Musicalfeiten (The Netherlands) · Jan de Kruijff

Schubert’s Octet: high quality concert by Camenae

Schubert’s Octet was originally commissioned by Count von Troyer, himself a clarinet player. Camenae Collective, an ensemble of high-quality musicians, are in full command of the material and musical techniques. The sound they produce is beautiful and their interpretation crystal-clear. The dialogues between the first violin and the wind instruments were well executed.

PZC Hengstdijk, Zeeland (The Netherlands) · Jeanette Vergouwen

Camenae Collective with Claron McFadden

It was clearly audible that the leaders of Camenae Collective are Gubaidulina’s music specialists: the ‘Hommage’ could not have been performed with greater style or richer tension. The piece requires a balanced texture of timbre more than dramatic gestures, but when played with such concentration, its impact is impossible to misunderstand. The contribution of soprano Claron McFadden was a study in concentration in itself, from her radiant heights to almost whispered, yet clearly sung declamation of poetry.

Dagblad van het Noorden, Assen (The Netherlands) · Paul Herruer

Telesto Trio

“Telestro Trio bewitched the listener with sounds. It was a display of diverse techniques, with a palette rich in colours and nuances. The performance was captivating and the musicians played with full conviction.”

BN/De stem (The Netherlands) · Jeanette Vergouwen

CD Gubaidulina – Rejoice!, silenzio, in croce

The first piece was composed for Natalia Gutman and Oleg Kagan: two musicians who are not averse to sweeping, dramatic gestures in their playing. In contrast, the cellist and violinist of the Telesto Trio avoid demonstrative emotional display as much as possible, yet they succeed in accomplishing the same level of intensity as the duo that commissioned the work. This is much to the credit of the musicians, while it also testifies to the versatility of the composition… Listening to this CD, which features several of her finest works, it is above all the music that one hears and scarcely the musicians: a testament to this trio’s musical dedication and insight.

Luister, Eindhoven (The Netherlands) · Emanuel Overbeeke, Performance 9

CD Gubaidulina – Rejoice!, silenzio, in croce

Telesto trio love for Gubaidulina’s music splashes out of the performances …In Silenzio one hears the trio inching forward towards heaven with rhythmic tautness and mysterious whispered tones.“For Sofia, on the occasion of her 75th birthday”, is the festive announcement on the CD cover. Her portrait on the cover calls to mind the famous print of Che Guevara. Gubaidulina as the spiritual heroine of contemporary music.

Trouw, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) · Anthony Fiumara

Gubaidulina Festival Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ

… impeccable performance from the violinist Tiziana Pintus and the cellist John Addison.

Het Parool, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) · Michel Khalifa


Adelaide Contemporary Music Festival, Adelaide Festival Centre

Saturday’s ‘Tour De Force’ program featured works by Sofia Gubaidulina, Willem Jeths, Henk Badings and Tristram Cary, performed by the Telesto Duo, Gabriella Smart and soprano Greta Bradman. The opening performances of Gubaidulina’s Rejoice! (1981/88) and Chiasmos (2000) showcased the technical virtuosity and dexterity of the Telesto Duo and Smart, … Badings’s Capriccio (1959) – one of the first works written for concert instrument and electronics – was stunning as Pintus’s violin ducked and weaved its way around a rhythmic barrage of clicks and drones pulsing from stereo channel speakers

Resonate Magazine The Rocks, Sydney (Australia) · Tristan Louth-Robins

Adelaide Contemporary Music Festival, Adelaide Festival Centre

…a festival highlight: the Telesto Duo’s breathtaking performance of Russian composer Sofia Gubaidulina’s sonata for violin and cello, Rejoice!…Particularly affecting was a series of harmonics, quietly wrung from the violin by Tiziana Pintus, which held the collective breath of the Artspace audience and briefly transformed the space’s antiseptic vibe into an ennobled zone—reflective and smart, without any recourse to pious display.

Real Time Magazine, Sydney (Australia) · Jon Dale

Adelaide Contemporary Music Festival, Adelaide Festival Centre

Modern writing pushes performers to their limits, expecting the highest of technical standards to make performances possible. With the musicians on stage for this concert there was no shortage of technical excellence or musical maturity (…). The result was a truly exciting and captivating concert of great music.

Rip It Up, Adelaide (Australia) · Barry Lenny


CD Gubaidulina – Rejoice!, silenzio, in croce

The Telesto Trio was founded by three accomplished chamber musicians (…) in order to perform the music of Sofia Gubaidulina and they certainly do the works proud, playing with passion and secure musicianship of the highest order. The recorded sound is clear and dynamically full. Recommended.

Whole Note, Toronto (Canada) · Andrew Timar


CD Gubaidulina – Rejoice!, silenzio, in croce

Fidelity to the notes and dedication to the cause can be taken as read…Microtones and fragile resolutions, Ligeti and Shostakovich, uncertainty and faith are all present and correct.

The Strad Magazine, London (United Kingdom) · Peter Quantrill


CD Gubaidulina – Rejoice!, silenzio, in croce

…such a significant CD…

Jyllands-Posten, Viby (Denmark) · John Christiansen


Telesto Trio

“Telesto Trio offered a lucid interpretation of these three works (Gubaidulina) and at the same time succeeded in creating in the listener the emotions aroused by the music of the composer.”

La Nuova (Italy) · Antonio Ligios