What would it take for you to conquer performance anxiety and consistently play to the best of your ability?

Tiziana Pintus

A professional violinist, Tiziana Pintus has performed on some of the world’s most renowned stages. She coaches musicians on how to overcome stress, conquer stage fright and reach their musical peak.

Her 7 step training program teaches effective practice techniques, mental toughness and how to reduce the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury.


Unfortunately, many musicians do not have that wonderful experience. If they have to perform for an audience the stress level can literally seize them by the throat. What should be a healthy, enhancing tension for a concert performance can potentially manifest as crippling tension handicapping the performer.

Why is it so hard to perform just as well during an important performance as in your own practice room?

As performers, we’re used to perfecting our craft. Technical and musical preparation is usually really focused. That touch, sound, intonation – we know exactly what we’re doing and how to do it. Essentially, this is the same for athletes. A different kind of performer, but a performer nonetheless. Athletes, like musicians, spend a lot of time perfecting their skills. Athletes unlike musicians, however, do much more than just spend time perfecting their physical skills.

“We often spend so much time focusing on simply ‘learning the notes/music’ that we forget that there are other extremely important aspects to performing optimally. The afternoon I spent with Tiziana, Esther and Annemarie was a chance for me to take a little time out to remind myself that I am not just a flute player, but a PERSON and to function at my peak, I need to give attention to my physical state and emotional state too.”(flautist)

Athletes know that in order to physically perform well, one absolutely must prepare mentally. Therefore, athletes work alongside their coaches to learn how to excel under pressure.

These same techniques of mental preparation that athletes use can also help musicians master peak musical performances. Especially when it counts the most.

All one must do is change the way one perceives stress and develop the 7 areas that are characteristic of top performers.

“An inspiring workshop that helps release unnecessary inhibitions so that as an artist you get more breathing space … A wonderful combination of knowledge and techniques that support an artist to find his or her own flow.” (percussionist)

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“What I got from the workshop, in one sentence: I realized that I am in charge of the flow… THANK YOU!!!” (double bass player)

Peak Performance Training for Musicians

Tiziana’s performance training program will challenge and empower you. It helps you break down your barriers. Learn how to balance your personal energy and use stress to your advantage.

Benefit from:

  • insights from sports psychology, counselling and coaching
  • the practical skills and ear of a professional musician
  • natural and nutritional therapies

The program helps you:

    • reach your musical peak
    • achieve better and consistent results
    • learn mental toughness
    • conquer stage fright
    • find your authentic voice


“I just wanted to say that you helped me a lot … I was a lot less nervous, and could control myself. Overall, I haven’t forgotten any text or made any big mistake.” (singer)

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“A lot of results in a short time. My body was more balanced and mentally I was a lot stronger. A must for anyone who wants to come a little further in this life.” (violinist)