My client’s experience:

“I definitely recommend Tiziana’s coaching. She is fantastic. The path never ends but Tiziana is really able to guide you to discover your path. She really helps you to untie old layers of doubts and incertitude and it leaves you to be able to walk on your own legs.”

G.B., film editor

I absolutely recommend Tiziana’s coaching. The process made me more aware of what is blocking me reaching what I want and what I need to do differently now. Tiziana is a woman with great empathy and intelligence, extreme kindness and a very nice sense of humour :)

A. S., Art Curator

“Tiziana listens attentively and partly because of this she asks the right questions to get to the heart of the matter. It has helped me a lot to find balance and peace in my life and my relationships. Both private and business. I am now much more aware of my attitude and behaviour. I am better able to observe and listen and therefore make choices that are good for me and my environment. Tiziana thank you very much for everything!

Cees, Senior Manager City Hall

“Each coaching session with Tiziana was wonderfully personalized and prepared for with much detail and care. Tiziana is gentle and warm-hearted which made working with her very comfortable. Above all, the holistic approach of the coaching provided very practical exercises for advancing my development towards my goals.”

K.B. NGO programmes manager 

“THANK YOU for your guidance, support, energy & commitment to helping me. I think you are a magical marvel and I’m really grateful for your leadership and compassion. Much love and respect.”

Noreen Khan, Executive Producer

“It’s hard to believe that in 4 short sessions with Tiziana I was able to unearth a long seated disturbance which had not allowed me to bloom according to my understanding. Tiziana, you are a magician! A new chapter begins in my life thanks to your clarity and presence. I am forever grateful that Integral Coaching Canada chose you to work with me. What a joy to have evolved in my understanding of myself under your caring words!”

Simon Rosario Stella, Writer

The coaching of Mrs. Tiziana Pintus helped me reaching my best performance level and obtaining the second place in an important audition for concertmaster at the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino in Florence, Italy. Mrs. Tiziana Pintus’ coaching helps you get to know yourself better, your self-confidence improves, you discover how powerful your mind can be. I am sure that Mrs Pintus can help anyone of any level as she really listens to you and understands your needs.

Prof. Marco Mandolini

“This was my first experience with a life coach because I wanted and needed a change in my life. I was initially a bit sceptical, however I went into the process with an open mind. I am very grateful to Tiziana for helping me to find my way. She is kind, receptive, caring and well prepared. I totally recommend her.”

Alejandra M. Ruiz Zapata, PhD, MSc, Eng. Scientist

“You helped me understand the importance of being attuned to my body” – “Thank you for your quiet attention” – “Great presence and calmness” – “Great coaching!” – “Intuitive, inquisitive, encouraging” – “Tiziana’s calmness is infectious!” – “Energizing, empathic, sparked new thinking” – “I felt all the love and care you put in the sessions. Thank you for that.” – “Was perfectly present all the time, even when not in front of the room. That is an Art!” 


“Barbara, Tiziana and Ellen point you in a very playful & insightful way to your areas of growth and thus stretch you on your pathway to more impact. Moreover it is fun & moving!”

Participants of the HIF Amsterdam 2019:

“Tiziana is a lovely, warm and welcoming person, I felt completely safe to talk with her about my deepest feelings and fears. She has helped me to understand where my fears come from and together we could analyze the pattern. Through exercises she has given me tools that I can use whenever I feel uncertain again. And that makes me feel a lot stronger. Tiziana knows what it’s like to be on stage performing and that was very important to me. I am very grateful and the conversations we had are very dear to me.” 

Maartje van de Wetering, actress

“One of my favourite things about Tiziana is her deep-seated belief in how good you are at your art. Her sessions have helped me begin to see that for myself too. She’s not judgemental at all, but rather understands why as a musician, you would think a certain way or hold certain beliefs. And then she gently shows you a much better alternative, that allows you to really play the way you’ve always wanted to.” 

E.E., master student HKU – University of Arts, Utrecht

“Tiziana has showed me the way to accept and to embrace myself as a whole being. She helped me to be more aware of who I am as a human being. Thanks to her person and coaching, I have a massive motivation on rediscovering the artist inside of me and as a result, I am becoming a new and even better version of myself.”

Estela, professional musician

“Tiziana says things exactly as they are and won’t take any of your ‘bs‘, but she’ll do it in the most constructive and caring way possible. When someone has a positive experience she is visibly happy, and it’s so valuable to have a coach who genuinely seems to care!”  

“Tiziana’s coaching program gives you a safe environment where you can talk, discuss and explore everything around your practice and performance. In the music world is considered almost ‘weak’ to talk about issues such as stage fright, practice issues, self-confidence, so we get the idea that ‘everyone is strong’ but at the same time: every musician has these kinds of problems. So it’s good to open up and talk about it and find ways to improve.”

“This program has opened a lot of new doors I didn’t know existed.”

Participants of the group program at HKU, – University of Arts, Utrecht

“For years I felt there was something preventing myself from being able to play my best. With the help of Tiziana I realized I was so hard on myself that I couldn’t allow myself to be free. Learning how to appreciate my strengths, and even embrace my faults, has been an invaluable experience and I have a new found love of playing again, as well as a new appreciation of simply being me.”

R.H. violin soloist/concertmaster

“Completely thanks to the ‘Master Your Performance Skills’ course I am reminded that to succeed the first step is to accept myself where I am right now, with compassion and dare to be vulnerable. Only then one can give it all on stage, with authenticity”

H.A. pianist

“Thank you Tiziana for the program. You touched me deeply and I felt a beautiful change in myself in the way I perform. Also, you managed to create an incredible atmosphere in the group…everyone was respected and had a own space, without judgement. I am very happy I met you”

S.A. cellist

Tiziana helped me learn to go my be brave. Thank you for everything, Tiziana!”

B.A. saxofonist

“Learning how to reconnect with the horn has contributed greatly to my general happiness and being prompted to live in the moment again has also helped me to let go of my regret for the past as well as my anxiety for the future. The result: better playing and more happiness.Thank you for this wonderful course.”

Charles Crabtree, hornist

“Thank you Tiziana for this 6 months coaching. It has been a life changing experience.”

M.O. violinist

“For all my friends who perform music at a high level, i highly recommend Tiziana Pintus!! She is an excellent coach. She helped me so much to decrease drastically my stage frights and negative thoughts towards my playing, and to be at my best and be very creative during performances. And also to have a much more efficient, positive and fun practicing. She lives in Amsterdam, but she coaches also on skype (and it is as helpful as in person, i tried it many time since i left Holland). I still keep in touch with her, and everytime her help is priceless. She’s herself a great professional violinist, so she knows very well how hard it can be today to be a classical musician with such high competition and often little reward. I think it is important to realise that we should have coaches the same way athletes do. Then we can much more enjoy the performances but also the whole process of the preparation. Really, try it!! :-) Btw, Tiziana speaks English, Dutch and Italian.”

Y.S. clarinettist

“Dear Tiziana, I want to thank you enormously for your incredible coaching sessions. You made everything fall into place, finally. You taught me to breathe, live and think music like I never did before. You made natural what felt like a struggle sometimes. And you let me see I could do it myself! Because of your deep understanding of both the musical process and the human mind you really made a huge change for me. I sincerely hope you will keep doing what you are doing, because it’s invaluable, very much needed, and very hard to find. And…:) I won the ….. audition! I prepared in a more stable, focused way, and I got some result!”

L.V. harpist

“After many auditions which didn’t go well due to the emotional side, I followed Tiziana’s training for a very important audition. She helped me find out the real source of my problem… and… I got the job!!! I never played so well, so sure and with so much fun at an audition, and the fantastic job I got afterwards gave me still half the happiness I had from the satisfaction of the achievement!!!- Tiziana conducted me to “the flow” area, where my soul is the real player!”

M.F. violist

Tiziana, I have great news, I was accepted for master in……! I was also the only one from the applicants who got accepted so I can be really proud of myself ;) I thank you dearly for all the help, you have been very good to me. happy greetings”

T.S. violist

“It’s hard to describe the session with Tiziana. it’s just like a click in your head and in your body. I was training with her for an important audition and it helped me to play more free and on my top level. Thanks Tiziana for your great listening.”

A.S. flutist

“I am very happy I have been with you for my mental preparation. I feel I have come, in a short time, further in my own process, I know myself better and am now aware of not yet known pitfalls. In any case I wanted still to thank you, and let you know you will probably see me again for another audition!”

J.G. flutist