Tiziana started the Camenae Foundation in 2001, with the Telesto Trio as the performing ensemble, specializing in contemporary music. The need to reach a broader audience led to the birth of the Camenae Collective in 2005.


The Collective helps people connect with their own inner artist so their appreciation of music grows. The idea is to transcend the boundaries of cultures, media, genres and generations.

Camenae attracted the attention of composer Sofia Gubaidulina, violinist Boris Belkin, conductor Otto Tausk and composer Roderick de Man who became members of Camenae’s Committee of Recommendation.

Camenae takes its name from the legendary Roman nymph who, like the Greek Muses, inspired excellence in those who practiced the arts and sciences.  This fresh, original inspiration is the quality that Tiziana and Camenae wish to trace back and share with their audiences.

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Camenae Foundation

The Camenae Collective is part of the Camenae Foundation, which has ANBI-status with the Dutch tax authorities. All donations are therefore tax deductible.

For more information (Dutch), visit the ANBI-website.

Stichting Camenae:

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Stichting Camenae

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Vierwindenstraat 215, 1013CW Amsterdam (NL)

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beleidsplan 2012-2015 (pdf)

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+ voorzitter: Henriette Posthuma de Boer-Klautz (journalist)
+ secretaris: Carol Harte (musician)
+ penningmeester: Franco Ferreri (chef)
+ lid: Theo Veltman (projectmanager)
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+ PR: Tia Schutrups, Marjolein van Ruiten
+ officemanagement: Sinian Nienhuis

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