…After 35 years as a professional violinist, and about 10 years as a Performance & Mental Coach (including some more certificates and specialisations I won’t bore you with) I felt the need to take a step back and reflect on where I am now and where I would like to go.

I feel I am slowly getting more clarity, even though nothing is certain nor completely clear yet. And perhaps…it does not need to be.

One thing is starting to become more evident: I feel the need to be of service to others, and that can of course be done in many ways. Yet for me it seems that becoming a full time coach might be my way forward…truly meeting others where they are and taking them somewhere they’ve been longing to go but doubted if it was even possible…

I have seen it. It touches and humbles me. And fills my heart with bliss.

In order to give space to that exploration, I took a year’s sabbatical from the violin to see what that would bring. With an open mind and heart.

After my sabbatical it has become clear that my new calling is to inspire change makers manifest their dreams, supporting them with coaching and facilitation.

Meanwhile I keep deepening myself in the art of coaching and self-development – is there a difference really? ;-).

Courses I have taken and am enrolled in:

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