I enjoy developing and delivering ad hoc training and workshops to teams and groups that might benefit from a systemic-based approach. I work independently through my own company and as a Fellow with other suppliers, such as Better Up, Ezra and Better Coach. 

I am a Faculty member with Integral Coaching Canada supporting coaches-in-training refining their skills, and with Universities for the Arts (The Netherlands and Switzerland), helping young musicians further develop their artistry.

My deep interest in the subject of performance has led me to seek certifications: Naturopathic Kinesiologist (research on peak performance and performative states); Value Match (Systemic Theory and Individual, Organisational and Cultural Assessments Tool based on Spiral Dynamic) and Integral Coaching. I draw on these systems to create a tailored approach for every leader & team.


  • International Classical Musician – discipline, creativity, somatic embodiment, emotional attunement, skilful listening, inspiring leadership, embracing diversity
  • Integral Coaching Canada – the absolute leading edge in human development technology; the only accredited Integral Coaching program in the world that surpasses Master Level International Coaches Federation requirements.
  • Integral Theory – widely recognised as the most comprehensive and coherent knowledge framework available.
  • Enneagram – a model of the human psyche which is principally understood and taught as a typology of nine personality types.
  • Naturopathic Kinesiologist – holistic view, subtle attunement to energy shifts and non-verbal communication, different maps and method to support you as you gain clarity, make connections and find meaning 
  • Value Match Practitioner – spiral dynamic assessment tool to help clarify values systems, biases and rejections
  • Violinist, Ballroom Standard Latin Dance, Scuba Diving, Aikido – body movement and somatic awareness as a tool for personal awareness and growth


  • 2009 to present – Founder @ Risonanze Simpatiche – Effective Leadership Performance Coach – www.tizianapintus.com (clients include Performing Artists, Senior Managers, Executive Producers, Academics – see impact)
  • 2022 to present – Better Coach – Leadership & Team Coaching 
  • 2021 to present – Ezra – Leadership Coach
  • 2020 to present – BetterUp Fellow Coach – Leadership, Performance & Developmental Coaching 
  • 2020 to present – GrowthSpace Coach – Leadership, Performance & Developmental Coaching 
  • 2019 to present Co-Founder and CEO @ Tune2Thrive – Team Coaching & Facilitation – www.tune2thrive.org (clients includes Companies, NGO and GO – see testimonials)
  • 2020 to present Faculty ​Member​ @ Integral Coaching Canada​​ – Mentor, Assessor & Coach for Coaches-in-Training
  • 2019 collaboration with Spring Strategies – Leadership Coach & Facilitator
  • 2018 to present collaboration with NGOs – Leadership & Team Coach
  • 2015 to present Faculty Member @ Academy of Arts / Conservatories (Lugano (CH) Utrecht, Rotterdam, Groningen (NL) – Developmental Coach for Musicians in Training

Since 13 August 2020 accredited as Professional Certified Coach with ICF



Tiziana Pintus – Musician Bio, Studies & Concert-Experience EN

Tiziana Pintus – PRESS QUOTES Musician