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After 35 years as a professional violinist, and about 10 years as a Performance & Mental Coach (including some more certificates and specialisations I won’t bore you with) I felt the need to take a step back and reflect on where I am now and where I would like to go.
I feel I am slowly getting more clarity, even though nothing is certain nor completely clear yet. And perhaps…it does not need to be.

One thing is starting to become more evident: I feel the need to be of service to others, and that can of course be done in many ways. Yet for me it seems that becoming a full time coach might be my way forward…truly meeting others where they are and taking them somewhere they’ve been longing to go but doubted if it was even possible…
I have seen it. It touches and humbles me. And fills my heart with bliss.

Perhaps I will get more clarity soon, anyhow, to give space to that exploration, I am taking a year’s sabbatical from the violin and will see what that brings. With an open mind and heart.

Meanwhile I am deepening myself in the art of coaching. After certifying at the Associate level with Integral Coaching Canada in March last year, I am currently enrolled in their Professional course that will finish in April and plan to attend the Master level starting in May. 

UPDATE: the course in May filled up before I could finalise my enrolment :-( …but, no worries, I will attend this fall.

Until then I am taking these other courses: 

And keeping up my coaching practice: you might like to know that I am now offering a great value programme, also for NON MUSICIANS :-) 
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