Supporting leaders in their development towards the next performance level, in particular when under pressure, is the main focus of my work as an Integral Master Coach (PCC – ICF).


My clients are driven achievers in the corporate sector, creative industries, performing arts, media, not-for-profit sector and government. They are navigating the demands of transitions, new roles and challenging environments.

I bring to my coaching an intimate knowledge of performing under high pressure following a successful career as an international concert violinist.

I know there are more effective ways to achieve your peak and improve your performance than merely “pushing through”. My coaching helps you manifest your full potential by accessing your own healthy way to perform at your best and reach new heights.

I use my skills to help you manage and leverage stress and pressure in ways that help you perform better.

My approach to coaching is holistic. I listen deeply and draw on various systems to create a tailored approach for every leader so that they can reach their goals with alignment and ease.

I believe that with the right support, we can all bring our best self forward.


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